Are your products tested on animals?

Rybrinks does not support animal testing. We are responsible for ensuring that all products comply with the requirements for cosmetic products in the EU.

This means that animal testing is absolutely forbidden in respect of both ingredients and the end product. For further information, please follow the link below to the European Commission:

Link to the Swedish Medical Products Agency;

We only distribute products in the EU and Norway.

Do you have any organic products?

Rybrinks is constantly developing a range of products that are good for people and the environment, and we do not compromise on quality. For us, it is very important that we develop authentic, appealing and sustainable products. Our latest addition, the organic brand Cote d’Azur, is a good example.

What is Rybrinks’ returns policy?

The easiest way to make a return is to contact us directly. Please contact our customer service before you send the product to us for return processing. Provide the EAN code and batch / lot number on the package.


Phone: +46300 – 164 35

How does Rybrinks ensure sustainability?

As a market-leading company, we make sure we take a sustainable approach in everything we do during the entire life cycle of the product. We work constantly to expand and improve our product portfolio with products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. The sustainability aspect is important in our choice of suppliers and partners. It is important that all parts of the supply chain pursue the same objectives regarding human rights, labor legislation and ethics.

Product content and packaging are always reviewed by chemists and experts who monitor the product range and prevailing regulations. Our in-house Rybrinks Guidelines make sure our customers can always rest assured of product quality and safety.