About Rybrinks

Rybrinks was founded in 1983 and is a family company that has handed its knowledge down from generation to generation.

Our journey began a little over 30 years ago. Jan-Åke Rybrink, then the head of purchasing at EPA, chose to go his own way when EPA was purchased by Nordiska Kompaniet and later moved to Stockholm. He decided to stay put in Kungsbacka and started the company Gunry, known today as Rybrinks.

Jan-Ake was motivated by doing business that benefited both customers and suppliers. His ambition of providing people with affordable, good quality products soon led him to develop own-label goods for sale. And he knew that without the best suppliers and factories there would be no good products.

Success followed, and his son Johan Rybrink joined him on his journey a few years later. Today, he applies the same values in running the company as his father did more than 30 years ago. But he had to nag his way to a job before Jan-Åke finally gave way.

“Dad only saw me as just another cost, so for a long while he said no. But I nagged and nagged until he could stand it no longer and he gave me a start in the company in 1988.” – Johan Rybrink

We’ve come a long way since then. Today, we have about 20 people in Kungsbacka and Skene, all of whom work to create products and experiences for your day-to-day life. Whether it’s a new soap fragrance or softer cotton wool, our promise to you is a more beautiful life. This ideal is present in everything we do, and is linked to the heritage Jan-Åke Rybrink built up and has now handed on to the generations to come.

It’s been a long journey, from packing cotton wool and soap in the basement at home to supplying the largest retailers in the Nordic region 30 years later.

Trend­ Spotting

In addition to a genuine interest in the origin of our products, our frequent attendance at trade shows, visits to suppliers and retail stores and meticulous trend reports keep us informed about colour, fragrance and product trends. We also maintain a proactive, direct collaboration with perfume houses to be the first to market with new products.

Product Development

Our close-knit team quickly turns proprietary concepts and customer ideas into reality. The secret of our success is the well-developed roll-out process that all our products go through. Following a needs analysis, we draw up various concepts and experiment with fragrances, ingredients, and appearance to guarantee a product’s success once it reaches the shelves.

Products for the Senses

Function is important to us, but we also set great store in providing the very best experience when people use our products. This can be anything from an irresistible fragrance to creating packaging to match home decor. Everyday living is the greater part of life, and our products seek to make it brighter.

Environment and Quality

We endeavour to achieve sustainability within the company and we are actively engaged in launching an increasing number of green and certified organic products. Product content and packaging are always reviewed by chemists and experts who continuously monitor our products in the light of current regulations. We use our Rybrinks Guideline to assure the quality of our products so that our customers can enjoy peace of mind.

A world of everyday happiness

Our Vision

Some people experience it over coffee in the morning sun. Others find it after spring cleaning the home, and for some people thoughts can take wing on the fragrance of a new soap. Because the feeling of everyday luxury is something everyone should enjoy now and then, we’re here to help spread the joy. That’s our vision.

Core Values

Our core values are part of our DNA and they characterize everything we say, do and stand for.




We are experts in soap and cotton wool and know all there is to know about fragrances and the senses. We take pride in our authentic, honest, sustainable products.


We are passionate about what we do and adore our products almost to the point of nerdiness. We are proud of our history and origins, and we present ourselves as the savvy, personable family business that challenges the big players.


We make sure we are always ahead of the game. We stay up-to-date and read up on the latest developments in the world around us. We are not afraid to blaze new trails. We celebrate our successes, but never rest on our laurels.